Friday, January 20, 2012

AJ Rafael: Red Roses Tour (Manila)

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Last night was the last leg of the Red Roses SE Asian tour of AJ Rafael and his band. They were supposed to end it up in Australia, but there were some changes which moved it to July. And so Manila ended up as their last stop (because it's more fun in the Philippines! Haha!). The ticket sales went fast that they added a 5pm show to accommodate more.  Since the day he announced the tour in his twitter, I have always been on the lookout for the details. It still seems surreal that all the things I was wishing for him back then was all starting to coming true! I've been subscribed to him for so many years now that I think I almost knew everything about him. Now I sound like a stalker. Haha! I was already listening to him with his other fellow YouTubers even before I started college, and that would be almost more than 5 years now. Woah! That's a good amount of years spent well with his great music. =] I still remember the day when he went here in the Philippines to do charity works. Feb. 6, 2010 - the first time I met him. I made him a simple sketch and he gave me hug. And that made my night! He did a m&g at MOA and performed a few songs with his ukulele, with Randolph too. And guess what, after a month I'm already having fun playing songs in my own ukulele. Oh yes, he inspires me that much! =]

Anyway, back to the concert, before I fill up all this space with unrelated stuff. So I got tickets for the 8pm show which happens to be a sold out show with an awesome (and wild, lol) crowd. The line was so long going to the entrance that we only managed to get in around 8:15.

The concert started around 8:45pm which is opened by Krissy and Ericka, an acoustic duo who also have a huge following in YouTube. They sang a mash-up of Super Bass and California Dreams followed by 2 of their original songs and ended up with another cover song. They did a great front act and so as the lights were dimmed everyone was already chanting "AJ!, AJ!" that as soon as AJ got in the stage everyone was already screaming. Yay! Goosebumps. =] He opened the show with a prayer. He sang one of my favorite praise song, "Heart of worship", which is just full of emotion and purity. And I super admired what he did there. It's the first time ever I got to see that in a concert. After that Noah, Andrew and Danny got up now on the stage. And let the EPIC SHOW begin! 

AJ singing "Heart of Worship"

They first played the intro from the Red Roses album which is then followed by an awesome line up of his original songs. They did almost all the songs in his album. He also did his ever famous Disney medley. I got so giddy and didn't let this moment pass for me not to shout with everyone "I got 20!" for AJ, live! Haha! Gotta love that part. The band also gave way for Noah to sing his new original called "Let it be", which surely got a catchy rhythm too. Keana Valenciano was one of his guest that night. She sang some parts of "Without you" with AJ. They even got a Tagalog song duet, with their own rendition of "Bakit ngayon ka Lang". Imagine how the crowd got all hyped on hearing AJ sing a Tagalog song. And mind you, they nailed it perfectly! What a super great performance! Along the show, they also called out Krissy and Ericka again to join them to sing a Taylor Swift song entitled "Sparks Fly" which they already covered in one of their videos together in YouTube. In the middle of "We could happen" , things got a bit emotional where he AJ even stopped for a while to contain all his feelings. Aww. I can just feel how overwhelmed he was. Who wouldn't? If you can hear everyone singing along with your original tunes. Way to go AJ! You truly deserve all this!

AJ Rafael with Keana Valenciano

"We Could Happen"

After their final song they all went now to the backstage. But seconds later, the crowd was already begging for more! And everyone went "AJ!, AJ!". Aww. The moments I love the most! =] I was also chanting with the crowd because I'm still hoping for him to sing "I just want you" which is my first fave original of him. And guess what, they came back again! A lot was also requesting for him to sing "Showstopper" which they gladly did. And of course everyone was singing along again! Well more than half of the crowd including me was always singing along with all his songs in the entire show. Oh yes, that's how we love him! And things got even crazy when suddenly the girls started to get up on stage and swarmed over AJ and the rest of the band. It was super crazy indeed! Thank God no one got hurt, but I can just understand how they just want to get close to AJ and sing with him on stage. And after the crowd was controlled they finally did "I Just want you". Finally! I'm complete! =] I was happily singing along for the entire song. Haha! I love you AJ for not forgetting to sing that! Hehe! And so the concert ended with a smile in everyone's face. That was one heck of an experience! All those who came that night can surely attest that AJ already got it big! I'm excited on what more is in store for him in the future.

What a night it was! Thank you Luna Co. and Monsoon Prod. and everyone who made this tour possible. And thank you AJ and his band for sharing your music to us! I'll always be a fan forever and ever. =]

PS. The sad part is I forgot my eyeglasses so their faces was a blur and I wasn’t able to bring in my cam so I didn't get to have any pictures. I'm seriously shattered but tried to just enjoy everything. I wasn't even able to join the m&g but AJ would be here until the 28th. I just hope one of these days I could bump into him. *fingers crossed* or maybe he could do a m&g somewhere because I desperately want him to sign my uke. I hope he sees this. =]

*Credits to the owner of the videos.

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